Welcome Back!


Welcome back to school.

We have now entered the country’s second period of lockdown, but fortunately this time schools remain open. I am sure that you will agree that schools are the best place for students to be. We have been very fortunate so far with very few of our school population testing positive. However, the number of Covid-19 cases are rising in the local area and I ask that everyone is extra vigilant at keeping an eye out for symptoms and if in doubt isolate and get tested. This way we can keep school fully open for as long as possible. Masks have now become mandatory in communal areas of the school. The large majority of our students wear their masks and I thank them for doing this. It is the social responsibility of all of us to do so!
Students have come back from the half term break and settled back into the rhythm of school life really well. Lessons continue to be focussed and students are working hard. We do have staff who have to isolate for various reasons, some teachers have dialled in and taught from home - this has been fantastic to watch.
Students who are isolating themselves can access their work on google classroom, if they have any questions they can message their teachers through this platform.
Thank you for your continued support, all staff are working incredibly hard to keep the school running as smoothly and as normally as we can.