Accelerated Reader – You can now quiz at home, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm, and you can also look at your “BookShelf” and see your progress, from here:

The Library at Outwood Academy Easingwold is open to students and staff daily from 8am, where they can enjoy a safe and welcoming environment in which to read, study and relax. They will also find help, support and advice readily available from the Library Manager, Mrs Benn.

You can find out more about what resources there are in the library, find some useful links for researching and studying at home, and some “Quick Lists”, here:!dashboard

We aim to provide a positive environment, with support and guidance, to ensure that every student can access the necessary resources to enable them to achieve their full potential. We endeavour to constantly enhance the space by providing stimulating and enriching books for reference and borrowing, timely and relevant displays, and informed and appropriate advice.

We have a number of computers available for students to use during their social time, along with a vast array of fact and fiction titles through which we seek to actively promote a lifelong love of reading.

Students and Staff can find out about the resources available in the Library, by searching the Library Management System (!dashboard). In addition there are stand-alone computers in the Library, and in the Study Area upstairs in the Sixth Form Centre, which are available JUST for accessing this information.

We endeavour to further inspire our students when we recognise World Book Day with activities or displays, by inviting visiting authors to speak to as many students as possible (in recent years we have been privileged to welcome Jonathan Meres, Tom Palmer and G P Taylor), and participating in local schools competitions “Battle of the Books” and “Kids Lit Quiz”. We also support the English Department in offering a weekly Book Club enrichment.

We are very pleased to also host a weekly visit from Piper, a Therapy Dog who listens to some of our students read, or is simply available for a short time for a cuddle! Piper is brought in by a member of our local community, and we look forward to her visits – judging by her reaction when she first arrives back after holidays, so does Piper!

The Library opening hours are as follows:

Monday: 8am to 4pm
Tuesday: 8am to 3pm
Wednesday: 8am to 4pm
Thursday: 8am to 2.50pm (2.50pm to 3.50pm – Book Club enrichment opportunity for all ages)
Friday: 8am to 4pm

Accelerated Reader in the Library

A student who reads regularly in their own time will be a student who has developed a wider vocabulary, read more fluently and better understand what they have read. Reading is a fundamental skill that will have a life-long impact, and will support every subject across the curriculum.

All students in Years 7 and 8 visit the Library weekly during English lessons in order to spend time quietly reading and participating in the Accelerated Reader (AR) Scheme, through which we can offer every child a personalised and guided programme offering feedback and support tailored to each child’s needs, and rewarding students for their successes along the way.

You can now quiz at home, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm, and you can also look at your “BookShelf” and see your progress, from here:

In support of this, all titles which are quizzed by Accelerated Reader are carefully labelled with colour-codes and levels to enable all students to find appropriately levelled titles for them to read. In addition, our fiction books are labelled according to genre, so that if students enjoy reading books about Animals, for example, they should be able to find one more easily. We use 15 different genre stickers at Easingwold.

Lexia in the Library

Some of our students who need a little extra support with their literacy have been given login details for Lexia (usually the same usernames and passwords as for Accelerated Reader).
If they know they have been using Lexia Powerup in school, they can now access this at home to work on their Grammar, Word Study or Comprehension at their own pace –

For further information on anything library, Lexia or Accelerated Reader related, please email Mrs Benn or telephone 01347 821451 extension 288.