Most Able

At Outwood Academy Easingwold, we believe that the learning of all of our students should be personalised, leaving students challenged, inspired and empowered by their learning. We know that students learn in different ways, and our teachers accommodate these different learning styles in their lessons. Our most able students are identified and monitored, to ensure they are suitably stretched and are reaching their maximum potential.

Who are most able students and what provision is there?

Most able students will achieve, or have the potential to achieve, at the highest levels in comparison with children at a similar age or stage in their education. Within the classroom, teachers stretch and challenge the students, helping them achieve their potential and develop key life skills. Our curriculum is designed to enable students to fast-track as appropriate, or opt for Enrichment activities, giving the opportunity to broaden and extend knowledge and skills. Our most able learners have the opportunity to study Latin, Further Maths at Key Stage 4 and 5. We also encourage our most able students to study the Extended Project Qualification at Post 16 which encourages extensive research and analytical skills. This course is highly valued by the Russell group universities and the vast majority of our students apply for undergraduate degree courses at these prestigious universities.
Most able learners are encouraged to develop mentoring roles within the classroom. Outside of the classroom, the academy provides numerous activities and experiences to extend its gifted and talented pupils. This could be as part of the extensive enrichment programme, which is offered to all students, or through specific activities, such as visits to universities and by outside speakers. Expert careers advice will also be provided at each Key stage to ensure that students are guided carefully in terms of their longer term plans and aspirations.

How is progress monitored?

All students are monitored through our rigorous ‘Praising Stars ©’ system and our intervention model. It is expected that all teachers will track the progress of all students, including most able students to ensure they are making excellent progress and are not underachieving. This is reported to parents every half term.
h4. How can parents/carers can help?

Parents and carers are asked to inform the academy about talents or aptitudes of their children and to encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities both in and out of the academy. If there are any concerns or queries about their child’s progress or identification, the Learning Manager or Assistant Principal Mr Chris Tiffany (Deep Support) or the Vice Principal Mrs E Taylor (Deep Learning and Deep Experience) can be contacted at the academy.