Music at Post 16

Key Stage 5
EDUQAS A Level Music

The A Level consists of 3 components which include:

1. Performing
2. Composing
3. Appraising

The areas of study we look at in this subject are as follows:

1. Western Classical Tradition (1750-1900)
2. Rock and Pop
3. Musical Theatre
4. Jazz
5. Into the 20th Century
6. Into the 21st Century (polystylism)

The areas of study have one compulsory (A) and students are then able to focus on to others of their choice.
There are two compulsory set works which are:

1. Symphony 104 in D major ‘London’ Haydn
2. Symphony no.4 in A major ‘Italian’ Mendelssohn

EDUQAS A Level Music is assessed in the following way:
Controlled Assessment (60%) Examination (40%)

If you would like further information about the topics, themes or assessment for this course please contact: Mr D Kenway and Miss A Fosher