Year 6 Transition

We are very much looking forward to receiving our new year 7’s for a successful 2020 – 2021 academic year.

Key Contacts

Mr Tiffany – Assistant Principal, Deep Support

Mrs Reed – Learning Manager – Year 7

Mr Winder – Inclusion Coordinator

Impact of the Current School Closure

Firstly we hope you and your loved ones are all well at this difficult time. The current closure is going to inevitably impact on the usual transition plans that would have been in place over the last few months and going forward into the Summer term and into September. Whilst we are hoping to be back to normal sooner, rather than later, we are as a trust working hard to ensure that a successful transition from Primary School can still take place. You and your child/children will receive letters throughout the transition period to welcome you to the Academy and to give any available information, including detail about uniform. We have been working with the Primary schools to gather the necessary information, and this will continue until we have everything we need to provide for all Year 6 students.

We would usually visit each child in their Primary School setting and more than once if they have a specific SEND or Inclusion need, and we are considering plans as to how to best replicate this under the current lockdown. We would also invite students into school for two days in the Summer term and again more if a they have a specific need. We are considering how to give all Y6 the opportunity to experience the Academy prior to a full reopen, as this is hugely important for their transition, and confidence.
All the letters sent to you are attached at the bottom of this page

In addition to the communication you should have already received we will be in touch over the next few months when we have detail to share with you.

Please rest assured we are working hard to ensure the very best of welcomes for all our new Year 7 students.

New Website.

Over the last few weeks we have been gathering lots of resources to try to help your child/children see what the Academy is like and to try to help them with their transition. All of this detail has been placed on the new transition webpage, and we encourage you to sit down with your child/children to look through this website.

On the website you will find key messages from Staff and Students, and a host of key information designed to support you all.
Outwood Academy Easingwold Transition Website

Uniform Support

This will be a key concern for your child/children, as they will want to look smart on their first day. The link below will take you to the main Uniform page.

The letter you have received from us regarding uniform explains the process of measuring your child, ordering the uniform bundle and gives you the collection dates in the Summer, further details about how these days will be organised will be available as the social distancing guidance is published nearer the collection dates.

Trutex Boys Form
Trutex Girls Form

Contact e-mail

If you have a question that you think the answer would be of use to other Year 6 parents, please email the address below, and relevant information will be added to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the new page. We will of course also answer specific questions relating to your child.

Following the changes to Government advice, from Monday 23 March our schools will be closed, except for providing childcare to a small number of children. During the period of closure we will not be able to collect correspondence sent via post. There are also only a small number of staff in the academy making it difficult to answer the telephone.

Therefore, where possible, we ask that you contact us via the e-mail address above.