Transport to and from the Academy

If you travel to the Academy by bus from one of the local villages, you will need to have a bus pass. All enquiries about these should be addressed to the School Transport department at County Hall in Northallerton (Tel : 01609 533693 or e-mail

However, if you live in those areas from which North Yorkshire does not provide a bus to Easingwold, you will need to make different arrangements.

For those who live on the northern outskirts of York (Skelton, Haxby, Wigginton, Rawcliffe/Clifton/Clifton Moor) please contact Reliance Bus Services (tel. 01904 768262) for details of the bus service you require.


From September 2016 the Husthwaite to Easingwold School bus will start at Sessay. This is the 165R service. Parents who wish to use this bus can contact School Transport at County Hall on 01609 533693 or e-mail to buy a paid travel permit; this will be on a first come first serve basis. This does not affect those entitled to free transport who will automatically receive their permit for this service. More information can be obtained from School Transport.