Letter: Y11 Drama Letter

Wed 12 May 2021
12th May 2021
 Dear Parents and Carers,
As you will now be aware, the Year 11 students at Outwood Academy Easingwold officially finish on 28th May 2021.  However, as your child is studying for the LAMDA qualification they will still have their performance exam on the 22nd June 2021.  It is therefore vital, in the run up to their performance exam, that they continue to attend lessons.  
Lessons will continue to take place at these times with Miss Fosher in the Academy:
Monday Period 3
Thursday Period 3
Friday Period 3
It is essential that lessons take place in the Academy as Miss Fosher’s guidance is invaluable to the students and will really help to shape and develop their confidence and repertoire.
If you know of any valid reason why your child cannot attend these sessions, please could you contact me at the details below to let me know and I will see what alternative we can put in place.
I am sorry for any inconvenience that this causes and I look forward to seeing your child's successful performance on the 22nd June.
Yours faithfully

 Darren Kenway
Head of Creative and Performing Arts